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Coaches are an integral part of the MRBA community, and we are always looking to welcome new recruits who are keen to guide and encourage our young players.


The responsibilities of a basketball coach include enhancing player development, creating strategies for the team, instructing players and providing mentorship.


To be successful as a basketball coach, you should have solid knowledge of basketball and its rules, be able to develop both team and personnel strategies and have good communication skills.


If you are keen to take on a coaching role, or would like to learn more GET IN TOUCH 


For more details and resources regarding coaching, head to the Basketball Victoria website.

Macedon Ranges Basketball Association (MRBA) Image via KGMG Creative
Macedon Ranges Basketball Association (MRBA) Image via KGMG Creative

Officials & Referees

Macedon Ranges Basketball Association (MRBA) Image via KGMG Creative

The MRBA is always on the lookout for Officials and Referees to get involved across all of our competitions. Refereeing provides opportunities to earn money with flexible working hours, be physically active, meet new people, make new friends and share many great experiences.

Officials are involved in ensuring that their appointed game is conducted in an enjoyable, safe and fair manner. They are responsible for applying the rules consistently, relative to the age/skill level of those involved. This includes referees, referee educators, score table officials, score table educators and in higher level games, statisticians. All have a vital role to play in ensuring the game proceeds successfully.

If you’d like to enquire about joining the MRBA network of officials in any of the above roles GET IN TOUCH

For more details on the specific roles of officials and the pathway from trainee to professional, head to the Basketball Victoria website

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